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Long Hollow Church Annual Report

A Year We Will Never Forget

2021 was an incredible year. It was a year birthed in revival, where God moved our hearts to a new pattern of reliance on the Holy Spirit and a rhythm of intimacy with Him. We baptized more people than we ever have before, welcomed thousands of guests, and saw hundreds come to Christ.

Even in the midst of a season of uncertainty, there is no doubt that God is on the move in our church and in this community. As we look toward 2022, let’s take a moment to reflect on all of the ways that He has been faithful to us this year.

A Year of Changed Lives

425 New Believers

Over four hundred people responded to the Gospel for the first time at a Long Hollow service or event.

1,567 Baptisms

Through an incredible movement of God, an unbelievable number of people followed through with baptism since December of 2020.

2,545 in Life Groups

Despite the challenges of the pandemic season, thousands of kids, students, and adults made it a priority to grow with others this year.

1,013 in Discipleship Groups

More than a thousand disciplemakers gathered this year to follow Jesus together and dig deep into God’s Word.

374 Attended Starting Point

Dozens commited to take their next step every week, and hundreds participated in at least one session of Starting Point this year.

1,613 Introduced Themselves

As our area grows, we’ve seen thousands of new faces join us this year. More than 1,600 asked to get plugged in!

A Year of Greater Reach

Average Weekly Attendance

Even in a pandemic season, an average of more than 7,000 individuals joined us weekly both in-person and online.

39 States Represented

As our online reach increases, we’ve seen people attend our online campus from 39 states this year – that’s nearly 80% of the USA represented!

11 Countries Joined Us

Our online campus isn’t just reaching our nation… our services have impacted lives in 11 different countries this year.

Millions Reached on Social

Social media is the new public square, and people have seen Long Hollow content 3,721,004 times in 2021.

5,000,000 TikTok Plays

TikTok is known for dance trends, but clips of Pastor Robby’s messages were viewed 5,120,000 times in 2021 alone.

12,899 Hours Watched

Whether it’s from our app and website, YouTube channel, or podcasts, visitors streamed nearly 13,000 hours of Gospel truth this year.

A Year of Kingdom Impact

16 Local Ministries Supported

We want to make a difference in our community, and we invested nearly $200,000 and countless volunteer hours into our local partners.

Food for Front-Line Workers

Medical staff and first-responders carried a heavy burden this year. We provided 5,094 meals to support them.

Gifts for Every School

In an effort to support our community, we were able to give away gift bags to every employee of the Sumner school system (5,000 in total).

1,394 Thanksgiving Meals

Our people came together to give away 1,394 Thanksgiving meals to families in need this November.

120 Families Cared For

We want our church to be a beacon of hope in our community. In 2021 we supported 120 local families who needed immediate care and help.

Support for 6 Church Plants

Our heart is to reach our nation, and this year we’ve invested $440,000 into church plants in strategic cities across the US.

Church Plant Baptisms

God is already on the move in our church plants, where we’ve seen 35 decisions for Christ and 37 baptisms in 2021.

Support for 16 Missionaries

As our reach expands across the globe, we provided support to 16 different missionaries in countries like Kosovo, Nepal, and Indonesia.


Invested in Missions Initiatives

We’ve been able to give back to the North American Mission Board, the International Mission Board, and other missions initiatives.

A Year of Incredible Generosity

Unique Givers

This isn’t a church where only a few give… 4,000+ people gave over the past 12 months to lock arms and build God’s Kingdom together.

First-Time Givers

Not only did thousands give over the past 12 months, but more than 1,100 gave for the very first time!

Increased Their Giving

In addition to those who gave for the first time, nearly 1,700 stepped out in faith to give more over the past 12 months.

Easter Offering: $709,052

Every Easter we take a special offering, and your generosity allowed us to give back to several important ministry partners.

Fall Offering: $1,492,055

This year’s Fall Offering was the largest in the history of our church, allowing us to begin the Legacy Park Project with confidence.


Increase in Yearly Giving

Because of the generosity of our people, our year-over-year giving is up by an astounding rate. Thank you for your faithfulness to give.

Thank you for giving.

You can give online at any time on our website, or by texting GIVE to 98173.

Long Hollow Church